Make Your Own Pull Up Trainers

This post explores how to make your own pull up trainers with side snaps.

Firstly I will link through to the patterns you can use (by PrefoldToFitted):

Personally I prefer cased elastic as I’m not really good at sewing the fold over elastic neatly. That said I’m still waiting on some quilting clips which may make it easier.

Fabrics required are:
For the outside: laminated fabric – PUL, minky or even a cotton with laminated backing.
For the inside: either a natural fibre fabric such as cotton or bamboo if you want your child to feel the wetness when they’ve had an accident; or a stay dry fabric such as microfleece or suedecloth.
Inserts/absorbency: either a natural fibre such as cotton or bamboo or a synthetic such as microfibre or minky.

Other Notions:
Elastic: Either fold over elastic (FOE) or braided elastic.
KAM snaps: Size 20 or T5 is the most common size. You can use contrasting snaps or matching.

Things to consider are:

  • If you are going to have any absorbency or not.
  • If the absorbency will be sewn into the trainer or in the form of an insert that can be changed, boosted etc.
  • If you are using an insert, whether it will be used in a pocket or snapped in.

What I will be using:

I like the thought of a snapped in insert so it is easy to remove. It also means I can choose to not use an insert once bladder control is there but still having the security of a waterproof pant.

I have some laminated minky in my stash so that is my chosen fabric for this project. I also like the thought of my child feeling the wetness once she’s had an accident otherwise it’s just a nappy right? I will be using flannelette for this one.

Now for the tutorials. I have included a few different tutorials that may be required to complete this project.

So below are pictures of how my attempt turned out 🙂



What I learnt from this project and how to adjust to achieve the same result:

I like removable waist panels to so I can adjust the waist for a more comfortable fit:

To adjust to make the same, stitch around entire nappy and top stitch instead of inserting side panels. My bub is only 7kg and 4mo so I’m not sure about the sizing but I felt that 5 inches was too long a panel. I shortened to 3.5 inches wide, 1/4 inch seams and 1 inch between elastic casings and edge. I also accidentally made some 6 inches long so I have those for future reference. I added a pair of snaps to the back of the pant as well.


I haven’t been real good with getting my topstitching straight so I picked up some tips off Google and YouTube. An edging presser foot will help with even top stitching around the edge. I have one with a set edge and one with an adjustable edge which I’m going to try on the next project.

Pinning to make sure all layers are sewn properly and evenly:

I was worried about using pins so instead I have used bulldog (fold back) clips instead. Helps keep all the layers together like pins but better 🙂 I also have some plastic quilting clips coming in the post and hope they will be just as effective.


I like to top my inserts with co-ordinating fabric. I just serged/overlocked around the complete insert. I found that I could cope with 3 layers ok, but 4 layers was not so easy.


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