My Baby Wearing Journey

Please note the picture featured is not of me, it was taken from a baby wearing online shop site. I believe it’s a stock photo?

So I started my baby wearing journey with a Manduca. This was one of several passing recommendations from my baby wearing friend and it was the only one which stuck in my mind so I bought one before baby was born.

I loved it. The newborn insert is built into the carrier and the entire thing is comfortable to wear.

The only pitfall with the Manduca was it wasn’t really customisable or all that pretty. (I’m a rainbows and unicorns kind of person)

I also had a stretchy bamboo wrap which also was really comfortable but I didn’t get to use it for very long as bub grew very quickly.

Anyway, this lead to me deciding to get a Tula. Initially when I saw a Tula I wasn’t totally convinced because of the requirement of an infant insert (bub was under 7.5kg) and generally it is rather overpriced compared to the Manduca. Then I spotted the Dear Diary Tula for sale on Gumtree and I was sold!

Anyway, this cute print obsession and need to make stuff pretty didn’t stop there, I made suck pads (drool pads), reach straps, storage covers and even a toy strap for both my Manduca and Tula. I considered making a zip in for the Manduca but unfortunately the zips used aren’t easy to come by. I will be posting my experiences and links to patterns and tutorials later.

Then I tried a wrap, mei tai and ring sling. I loved the mei tai (Fidella Fly Tai) enough to look into purchasing my own. I didn’t mind the ring sling and woven wraps either but the mei tai was a much quicker and easier fit.

So now my collection includes:

  • Manduca (Red)
  • BabyBoo Wrap (grey stretchy bamboo)
  • Tula (Dear Diary – Standard Size)
  • Fidella Fly Tai (Iced Butterfly Violet – Baby Size)



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